Casa v. Wolf

As is known, as of 25 August 2020, the rule to apply for a work permit came into force only after 1 year after the asylum application. In the past, asylum applicants could wait for 5 months and apply for a work permit, but with this new rule, the waiting period was increased to 1 year.

However, in a case opened on this issue (CASA v. Wolf), the Federal Court in Maryland suspended the 1-year waiting rule only for the plaintiffs of this case on September 11, 2020.

In other words, the court currently grants this opportunity to those who are members of two non-profit associations, ASAP (Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, Inc.) and CASA (CASA de Maryland, Inc.). According to the statements made on the websites of these associations, if you become a member of one of these two associations, you can benefit from the said opportunity. Some may wonder why these two associations. Since these associations were officially parties to the lawsuit, their members were given the opportunity in the first place.

It is necessary to see the application and details, but in particular, people who have completed 150 days after submitting their asylum application can reach one of the associations whose links I have given below and benefit from this opportunity by becoming a member.

According to our initial reviews, ASAP membership can be easily done both for free and online. Therefore, first of all, we share the links related to this institution.

Work Permits for Non-ASAP members

ASAP Membership Application

Av. Hasan Alaz

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