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There are some questions coming up about when immigration authorities or courts will relaunch in-person. The Immigration Office is preparing to reopen its offices on June 4, but we will see if this date changes. They continue to examine and evaluate existing files, albeit slowly.

court or immigration offices; It automatically sends the new dated notifications to the persons whose hearings or fingerprints coincide with these dates, to their registered and registered addresses.

Since the Immigration Office informs you by sending a letter to your address, our advice to those who are waiting for news about their file is to make sure that their address information is correct and up-to-date. Almost all immigrants (including those with greencard) have an obligation to report their new address to the immigration office within 10 days of moving, whether their case is in process or not.

It would be beneficial for people who have changed their address (if they haven’t done so yet) to notify their address changes as soon as possible by clicking this link and filling out the AR-11 form, and at the same time notify the USPS, that is, the postal office, of their new address and request mail forwarding. You can also find it here;

People who are curious about the current status of their files can also follow the latest status continuously by entering the file numbers on the website of the immigration office here.

Hunting. Hasan Alaz

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